在团队人员, we take a great deal of pride in how we do business and what we’ve done to earn our clients’ loyalty.



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“We have tried many different services in the past and have always looked at Team Personnel as an industry leader. Team Personnel has gone far beyond my expectations for a staffing service.”


—  Larry, Plant Manager

60,000+ Pre-Screened Applicants 

Our greatest recruiting asset is our current employee database. We receive thousands of referrals and walk-in applicants throughout our office locations annually. In addition, we incentivize our employees for their referrals and for working full-time year round. To continuously build our database we advertise locally and online as well as promote through social media. 

 With a strong applicant base, we can quickly and accurately fulfill your staffing orders.

Customizable Applicant Screening

Team Personnel has a detailed screening procedure to carefully assess every applicant for whom we have a resume. Our screening process examines job history, cross-functional skills, background and references. If your work environment or company policy requires it, we can easily customize our screening process to include drug testing, detailed background checks and social security verification. 问问.

Transportation Available 
Throughout Most of Twin Cities

Team Personnel has the ability to transport large numbers of employees (up to 50 per shift) throughout the Twin Cities metro area, 24小时一天, 一周七天. 用这个服务, you’re guaranteed that all employees will arrive on time and that any overbooking is handled at our office and not yours. As a general rule, our transportation service is available to our clients at no additional charge.

Team Personnel has been offering transportation to our clients for several years and it’s described as one of those programs that we’ve built that differentiates us from other staffing companies.

On-Site Service: Recruitment & 
Staff Management at Your Location

Understanding that some clients require more than traditional staffing services, we’ve developed a comprehensive on-site recruitment and management service for your workforce. This service is completely customizable and may include any or all of the following services:

Recruiting and screening:

Customize your recruitment program by setting up a screening system to ensure you are able to build the best possible teams for your short or long-term needs.


Testing, training and orientation:
It takes a lot of time and effort to get new employees or temporary staff up-to-speed. We can build the programs necessary to make all of this happen for you – so you don’t have to worry about it.


Scheduling and timekeeping:
Sometimes scheduling and timekeeping can be an overwhelming and complex job. Yet, the amount of work may not be enough to hire a full-time employee to cover these tasks. If this is a burden for your company, we can step in and handle it for you.


Staffing contingency plans:
Build a contingency plan for when employees are sick or need temporary staff on a moment’s notice. Minimize emergencies by letting us help you build the contingency plans you need to make sure your production continues and you meet your deadlines.


Conflict resolution and performance reviews:
We are often asked to help with on-site conflict resolution and performance reviews. We’ve been in the business a long time—we’ve seen and heard it all. Proper conflict resolution and performance reviews are an important component of employee satisfaction, are vital to minimizing the likelihood of costly litigation and help your employees better their skills. We would be glad to handle this for you.

Paycheck distribution:
Handling paycheck distribution can be a tremendous task if you’re managing hundreds of employees. Yet, to your employees, timeliness is crucial to their satisfaction. We can handle many aspects of your payroll and paycheck distribution, including direct deposit and debit cards.


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